Private services

Private Services at MIC

The availability of health assessment services support you and your healthcare practitioner in the proactive management of your health. MIC, Canada's largest radiology partnership offers patients EVA, whole body composition, private MRI, and private CT services.


What does this mean for patients?

The thought of long wait times makes an assessment easy to put off. MIC private pay services offers quick appointment times with the ability to get answers right away.

MIC offers the following private pay services

CT - Computed Tomography

At MIC we offer a variety of CT examinations, including:

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI uses a powerful magnetic field, radio frequency pulses and a computer to produce detailed pictures of organs, soft tissues, bone and virtually all other internal body structures. It can very effectively detect injuries in bones and soft tissue, and is much more detailed than some traditional imaging technologies such as x-ray. In many cases MRI gives different information about structures in the body than can be seen with other imaging technologies. MRI may also show problems that cannot be seen with other imaging methods. CLICK HERE for more information on MRI examinations at MIC.

Varicose Vein Assessment & Treatment - EVA

Varicose vein assessment and treatment or EVA is a relatively new and minimally invasive method for treating varicose veins without the need for surgery. CLICK HERE for more information on varicose vein assessment and treatment at MIC.

Whole Body Composition

Available at MIC, Whole Body Composition DXA analysis gives you an accurate measurement of fat mass, lean body mass and bone mass with minimal radiation exposure. Understanding your whole body composition is a valuable clinical tool in the management of long-term health and fitness. CLICK HERE for more information on whole body composition examinations at MIC.

What costs are involved with these services?

For a comprehensive listing of exam pricing, find the service of your choice from the list below and click on the corresponding red tab.

CT Examinations

health assessment scans

Calcium Score$475

Lung Cancer Screening$475

Virtual Colonoscopy$675

Coronary CT Angiography (CCTA)$975

diagnostic exams



Chest / Abdomen$750

Abdomen / Pelvis$575

Chest, Abdomen & Pelvis$975


Joints / Bones$400


MRI Examinations

Diagnostic exams

Head, Spine (per region), Joints and Extremities$575

Temporomandibular Joints$650

Head and Non Contrast MR Angiography (MRA)$750

MS Head and MS Cervical Spine$750

Chest Wall or Abdomen or Pelvis$750

MRI Arthrogram$750

Contrast enhanced Angiogram/Venogram$1000

Contrast Material (per vial) with Post Contrast Scans$250

Varicose Vein Assessment and Treatment

The cost for varicose vein assessment is covered by Alberta Health Care.

The cost for varicose vein treatment is $2200 per leg.

Whole Body Composition

The charge for whole body composition examinations are $60.

How do I schedule a private service?

CT / MRI Examinations

Call MIC's CT/MRI booking at 780-433-1120 or toll free at 1-888-880-1121 and/or fax your requisition form to 780-433-7286 or toll free at 1-888-841-8260.

Varicose Vein Assessment and Treatment / Whole Body Composition Examinations

Call MIC's Central Booking at 780-450-1500 or toll free at 1-800-355-1755 to book your appointment.